Lab Alumni

Kevin Staniland

PhD student working on the photosynthesis of Plantago lanceolata




Dr Nikol Voutsina


Vitacress-funded PhD student investigated the watercress genome and developed tools for molecular breeding. Now on maternity leave.


Dr Hazel Smith


Post Doctoral Researcher worked on WATBIO – developing understanding of drought tolerance using the bioenergy species black poplar. Now working as an agronomist at Vitacress LTD


Jack Bailey-Bale


PhD student used the CRISPR/Cas genome editing approach to research the impact of candidate genes for yield and drought tolerance in Populus nigra as a bioenergy crop. Now travelling Asia.


Dr Michael Allwright


A PhD student worked on the Watbio project improving poplar for biofuel applications: understanding the genetic basis of saccharification to improve the economy, efficiency and sustainability of bioethanol production. Now working in the treasury office in London.


Dr Joseph Jenkins


PhD student utilized next generation sequencing and bioinformatics to determine the effects of biochar on soil microorganisms. Now working at the Office of National Statistics


Billy Valdes


Plant Project Technician (WATBIO, MAGLUE and general Taylor lab activity) now working on a project on potatoes in the plant science department at University of Southampton



Dr Zoe Harris


PhD student – ETI ELUM. Worked on greenhouse gas balance of bioenergy crops. Now working as a research fellow at Imperial College London.


Dr Alex Watson-Lazowski


PhD Student – NERC. Worked on adaptation to high CO2. Now working as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Western Sydney University



Dr Adrienne Payne


Post-doctoral fellow worked on ENERGYPOPLAR and watercress molecular breeding. Now on maternity leave.


Franchesca Rouse


Visiting Placement Student from Plymouth University studied physiological traits associated with biofuel productivity of poplar. Now volunteering in SE Asia.


Gideon Rothstein


PhD student worked on the effect of drought on the leaf development of bioenergy poplar.


Dr Maud Viger


Post-doctoral fellow worked on EUROCHAR. Now works as a primary school teacher in France.



Stacey Selmes


Vitacress-funded  PhD student – Vitacress Salads, Sainsbury’s and Shamrock seeds. Worked on molecular breeding in lettuce. Now on maternity break from working at complete fertility.


Dr Yunan Lin


PhD student worked on Adaptation to high CO2. Now works for Novogene.


Dr Matthew Tallis


Post doctoral researcher worked on Carbo-BioCrop. ETI ELUM and UKERC Spatial Mapping. Now a lecturer at University of Portsmouth



Dr Caitriona Murray


Laboratory technician worked on EXPEER and EUROCHAR. Now works as a research assistant at the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics, Sydney



Dr Jack Townsend


PhD student – EPSRC. Worked on webscience and climate change.


Dr Giovanni Emiliani


Visiting Post Doctoral Researcher. Worked on genome wide association genetics in poplar for biomass and biofuels production improvement. Now working at University of Firenze


Dr Mark Totten

Technician worked on the shelf life of baby salad leaves. Now works in research at the University of Reading




Dr Jenn Dewoody


PhD student worked on the evolutionary and genetic basis of morphological variation in Populus nigra (European black poplar). Now a geneticist at US Forest Service, California.


Matthew Nelson

Technician worked on the saccharification potential of Populus.


Dr Arouna Woukeu

Post-doctoral Researcher worked on Taylorlab web service. Now working in the electronics and computer science department at university of Southampton.


Dr Patrick Stephenson

Post Doctoral Researcher worked on the genetics of biomass production in populous. Now teaching at a Hampshire school.



Dr Donna Clarke


Post-doctoral Researcher worked on various projects on biodiversity and statistics related to bioenergy crops in the UK. Now working in the geography department at University of Southampton.


Dr Matthew Aylott

Email: Twitter: @renewablewriter

PhD student worked on climate change impacts on the availability of short rotation coppice. Now is a senior policy advisor, civil nuclear programme at the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Matthew has been published in award-winning magazines, such as the Ecologist and Chemistry World

Dr Rebecca Rowe


PhD student workied on the implications for biodiversity of the deployment of commercial scale short rotation willow coppice. Now a permanent scientist at CEH, NERC Lancaster working in the soil science group


Amanda Thomas


Amanda worked on the website and various admin projects while in Taylorlab. Now she works as a contaminated sites committee coordinator in Perth.


Dr Gaia Biggi


Vitacress-funded PhD student working investigating the molecular genetic basis of antioxidants in leafy salad crops. Now runs an agri-tourism business in Tuscany, Italy


Dr Nicole Harris

PhD student working on using microarrays to elucidate the genetic basis of wood quality in sitka spruce and poplar. Now working as an information management technical professional at IBM (UK) Ltd.



Dr Harriet Trewin


PhD student working on linking transcript, QTL and association mapping to understand the genetic control of leaf size and shape in Populus. Now working as an Agri-engineering and precision agriculture contact for BBSRC.


Jennifer Chapman

Project technician working on a sources of variation and hidden pitfalls when comparing life cycle analyses of carbon in bioenergy systems. Now working as a project coordinator and conservation planner in Belize.

Dr Laura Graham


PhD student working on the effects of elevated CO2 concentration on leaf growth and development in Populus. Now working as a Research and Development Manager at R&G Herbs, Surrey


Dr Nathaniel Street


Post Doctoral Researcher working on the genetics and genomics of drought response in Populus. Now a Senior Researcher/Assistant Professor in poplar and spruce genomics in Umea Plant Sciences, Sweden


Dr Carol Wagstaff


Post Doctoral Researcher working on the shelf life of baby salad leaves. Now a the director of the AgriFood training partnership and professor of crop quality for health at the University of Reading


Dr Penny Tricker


Post Doctoral Researcher working on the effects of elevated CO2 on poplar leaf growth. Now a research fellow in University of Adelaide, Australia working on plant epigenetics and stress

Caroline Dixon

Technician worked on a variety of poplar and salad research projects.




Dr Maricela Rodriguez-Acosta


PhD student working on the genetic basis of drought tolerance in Populus. Now director of Botanical Gardens and Professor, Mexico


Dr James Tucker


PhD student working on the genetics, genomics and physiology of the response of populous to elevated ozone. Now works as an inflation statistician at the ONS

Dr Anne Rae

Post Doctoral Researcher working on QTL mapping of pupulus. Now the senior geneticist and breeder at Cherry Ducks


Dr Fangzhu Zhang


PhD student working on the genetic basis of salad leaf processability. Now a lecturer at UCL, London



Dr Graham Clarkson


Vitacress-funded PhD student working on the diagnosis and manipulation of baby salad leaf processability. Now working as a breeding Director at Edward Vinson.

Dr Kathryn Robinson


Is a researcher at Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden, investigating natural genetic variation for herbivore resistance in aspen (Populus tremula)


Dr K Paul Beckett


While in Taylorlab Paul worked on the role of urban woodlands in reducing the effects of particulate pollution. Now owner of multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy

Dr Jonathan Bryant


Currently working as a political advisor/researcher at Brighton & Hove City Council; involving supporting councillors through research, speech writing and briefing.



Dr Rachel Ferris


Teaching administrator at The University of Southampton




Dr David Frost


Works in scientific publishing




Dr Simon Gardner


PhD student working on the effects of elevated CO2 and tropospheric ozone on the growth and development of hybrid poplar. Is a permanent senior scientist with The Environment Agency and joint head of innovation programmes and partnerships at NERC


Dr Nick Herbert


Works in IT




Dr Rebecca Mills


Worked in scientific research for 10 years, involving participation in two EU-funded research projects and publishing papers in the field of heavy metal transport



Dr Sananthanie Ranasinghe


Senior research leader working on climate change and coconut, Coconut Research Institute, Sri Lanka




Dr Diane Wilkins


Works as a scientist in DEFRA




Dr Creana Bosac






Dr Steve Bunn

Recruited to Southern Water graduate training scheme





Dr Meg Duroux

Now Assistant Professor Copenhagen.  Group leader of her own cancer group. Part of a team building a medical education in Aalborg.



Dr Silviu Trofimov

Now works as a an application/Infrastructure security design engineer in Canada