Felipe Becerra Sanchez

Mr Felipe Becerra Sanchez BSc, MSc

Postgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences

Email: F.Becerra@soton.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)2380 594387

Base: University of California, Davis – University of Southampton (field season)

Felipe is currently working to optimize from pre to post–harvest the quality of the products. Aiming to reduce the food loss and waste along the fresh vegetables supply chain. His PhD investigates how pre and post-harvest variables have an effect on different sweet corn varieties cultivated in diverse environmental conditions.


Career History

2016: Volunteer Research Assistant at University of Southampton


Academic Qualifications


2018-Present: PhD in Biological sciences, University of Southampton, UK.

2016-2017: MRes Environmental Agrobiology. University of Barcelona, SP – University of Southampton, UK.

2011-2015: Biology degree (4 years bachelors) University of Seville, SP.


I graduated from my bachelors degree at the University of Seville in 2015 in Biological Sciences. After a period of working abroad and volunteering in the University of Southampton, I continued my studies at the University of Barcelona where I did my MRes in Environmental Sciences. During my masters I completed an additional Erasmus project in the University of Southampton for my final MRes thesis.

I am now a PhD student for the University of Southampton where I am applying my knowledge in Agricultural sciences. My PhD will be in collaboration with Barfoots of Botley Ltd.


Research Interests


The aim to maintain food security is becoming highly challenging as the world population has increased two-fold in last 50 years. Agriculture is the main use of many of the most important world resources such as land or water and is a major GHG producing industry . Since the world resources are so compromised, the optimization of the agricultural techniques and post-harvest treatments is needed. I am interested in how to reduce the impact of the agriculture on the environment being essential for environment resilience.

My current PhD research aims to reduce the food loss and waste produced through the sweet corn supply chain, as well as other related matters.