Jenna Gilmour

Jenna Gilmour

Undergraduate Research Student visiting from University of Plymouth, UK


Tel: +1 (530)7520383

Base: University of California, Davis (until September 2019) – University of Plymouth


Undergraduate (Third year) Conservation Biology Student at Plymouth University


Ecology is my main focus and how those complex interactions in plants allow adaptations and resistant strains within different ecosystems. How this can then be applied to climate change and human demands.

Previous field work includes looking at forestry management practices in mahogany plantations in Mexico. Comparing intensive and natural practices and how they impact the growth rate of the mahogany trees as well as the composition of the surrounding forest species. Another field course to Huarascan Nation Park in Peru, where growth rates of the Puya raimondii plant and its associated plant and bird communities were also surveyed.

Current research project at the Taylorlab is looking at the difference in stomatal numbers in different lines of lettuce and how this impacts leaf gas exchange and yield. Further investigation of the gene expression of some key genes that regulate stomatal development.